Room Alert 3 Wi-Fi

The Room Alert 3 Wi-Fi provides wireless proactive environment monitoring in a low cost, compact package and is ideal for in areas in your facility with no Ethernet connection. It monitors temperature, plus up to 2 more environment conditions of your choice. The Room Alert 3 Wi-Fi is perfect for IT closets, small server rooms, storage areas, external or remote cold storage, attics and basements or other remote areas of your facility. You can also choose to install multiple Room Alert 3 Wi-Fi monitors across strategic locations of larger spaces to cover more ground and provide comprehensive environmental monitoring.

When conditions exceed your thresholds, Room Alert notifies you right away so you can act quickly.

  • Send email and text messages right from the device.
  • Pair with, Room Alert Manager or other compatible platforms for even more alerting capabilities.

The Room Alert 3 Wi-Fi retails for $195.