Flood Sensor w/Cable

Insurance statistics show that your facility is 10x more likely to suffer from water damage than it is from fire damage. Every organization has smoke detectors and fire alarms installed throughout their facilities, yet how many are actively monitoring for water leaks to prevent costly damages?

The Flood Sensor with attached sensor cable is activated by liquid (i.e. water, fluid, etc.) making contact with the attached Flood Sensor Cable. Once liquid is detected the Flood Sensor triggers an alarm with the attached Room Alert monitor, notifying you and your staff immediately of the problem, and also triggering any automatic corrective actions you may have previously set up (such as Room Alert triggering a pump to turn on).

The Flood Sensor w/Cable is available in 8′, 24′, or 50′ lengths, with the ability to connect additional 50′ cables to extend your leak monitoring up to 200′. The Flood Sensor w/Cable can be placed up to 900′ away from the Room Alert monitor it is connected to, allowing you to monitor nearly any location within your facility. Pricing begins at $265.