Digital Active Power w/Temperature Sensor

The patented Digital Active Power w/Temperature Sensor allows Room Alert users to monitor the real-time power status of any AC-powered device simply by attaching the sensor to any existing power cord. There is no need to physically modify the cord, or power down the device you would like to monitor in order to attach the sensor; this is extremely helpful in mission-critical situations such as a large server deployment that cannot be powered down to install monitoring. Sensor accuracy is within + / – 2.5 watts. Additionally, this sensor provides real-time temperature values from -40° to 185° Fahrenheit and/or -40° to 85° Celsius. Accuracy is within + / – 2 C degrees.

You can use Room Alert and the Digital Active Power w/Temperature Sensor to monitor servers, firewalls, switches, or phone system equipment, while you can go in a decidedly non-IT direction and monitor HVAC units, portable air conditioners, sump pumps, freezers, and more! Anything with an AC power cord can be effectively monitored by the Active Power Sensor.

The Digital Active Power w/Temperature Sensor is available in 10′, 25′, 50′, and 100′ lengths. Pricing begins at $95.