Additional Sensors and Accessories

AVTECH offers a wide range of additional sensors and accessories to help you build a monitoring solution that is customized to your exact needs. Additional sensors and accessories available for Room Alert in various lengths include:

  • Digital Outdoor Temperature Sensor
  • Digital Fluid Temperature Sensor
  • Digital Shielded Temperature & Humidity Sensor
  • Mini UPS and Power
  • Smoke Sensor
  • Room Entry Sensor
  • Relay Switch Sensor
  • Current Loop Sensor
  • Fuel Tank Level Sensor
  • Water Tank Level Sensor
  • iBoot IO (automatically turn on AC-powered devices)
  • iBook G2S (automatically power cycle devices when they stop responding)
  • And more!

To view the entire range of sensors and accessories for Room Alert monitors, please visit our Sensors, Power Control and Accessories pages at